Hörst Group Members

Graduate Students
Michael Radke (1st Year)

Michael is a first year graduate student with a background in Geology and Chemistry. He is interested in the chemistry of planetary atmospheres--particularly those of Venus and Titan. He is also interested in the complex chemical interactions between planetary surfaces and atmospheres and how these atmospheres evolve over geologic timescales. He enjoys drinking coffee, looking at rocks, skiing, and contemplating his existence in the Solar System.

Sarah Moran (1st Year)

Sarah is a first year graduate student with an Astrophysics background. She's interested in the atmospheric dynamics and chemistry of the outer Solar System planets as well as exoplanets. She also has a strong interest in science policy, related to both this and other worlds.

Kristin Showalter (1st Year)

Joseph Serigano (2nd Year)

Joe is a second year graduate student interested in the atmospheres of the outer solar system. He is currently using photochemical models to understand the physical, chemical, and dynamical processes that occur in Titan’s complex atmosphere.

Xinting Yu (3rd Year)

Xinting is a third year graduate student studying Titan. She is currently using the Titan Wind Tunnel at NASA Ames and other laboratory methods to understand the aeolian processes on Titan. She is also interested in interparticle forces for Titan aerosol analogs, `tholin'. The cool thing about Titan is that there are so many unknowns and there are always something to go for.

  • Undergraduate Students
    Sydney Riemer (Junior)

    Major: Earth and Planetary Sciences
    Minor: Physics, Philosophy
    Interests: Astrobiology, planetary science, oceanography, geology [Ed: and ice cream apparently]

    Mira Sobhy (Junior)

    Major: Earth and Planetary Sciences
    Minor: Pure Mathematics
    Interests: Astrophysics, planetary science, and space science mathematics
    Mira is currently working on a project with The American Chemical Society and the UN that focuses on increasing climate change awareness amongst college students. Her project looks at taking a space science lens to approach the goal by familiarizing college students with new and incoming NASA models and satellite images.

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