Hörst Group Members
Postdocs and Research Scientists

Graduate Students

Cara Pesciotta (1st Year)

Cara is a first year graduate student with a background in physics and math. She is interested in using laboratory experiments to understand planetary atmospheres, particularly in relation to astrobiology. She also enjoys playing music, the beach, and macro photography.

Victoria Da Poian (2nd Year)

Victoria is a second graduate student with a masters in aerospace engineering and space systems, and a background in data science. She is interested in developing computer science tools (such as data science and machine learning) for planetary missions. She is mainly focusing on developing algorithms to support the analysis of mass spectrometry data for flight missions. She enjoys running, learning new languages by watching TV show, and baking.

Michael Radke (7th Year)

Michael is a seventh year graduate student with a background in Geology and Chemistry. He is interested in the chemistry of planetary atmospheres--particularly those of Venus and Titan. He is also interested in the complex chemical interactions between planetary surfaces and atmospheres and how these atmospheres evolve over geologic timescales. He enjoys drinking coffee, looking at rocks, skiing, and contemplating his existence in the Solar System.

  • Kristin Showalter Sotzen (7th Year)

    Kristin is a seventh year graduate student with a background in applied physics and space systems engineering. She is interested in atmospheric dynamics and chemistry for both exoplanets and solar system planets. She is also interested in planetary formation and orbital dynamics. She is currently engaged in research with the Space Telescope Science Institute looking at spectroscopy of hot Jupiter atmospheres.

    Undergraduate Students

    Stella Hong

    Stella is interested in the organic chemistry of Titan’s atmosphere and surface and how that contributes to our understanding of how life arose on Earth. BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology 2025.

    Sarp Kayabas

    Former Group Members
    Dr. Joseph Serigano (Postdoc, Graduate Student 2015-2021)

    Joe is now a Climate Financial Data Analyst at MSCI.
    Joe's LinkedIn

    Dr. Sarah Moran (Graduate Student, 2016-2021)

    Now the Director's Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.
    Sarah's Website

  • Chelsea Conrad (HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Intern 2020)

    Chelsea's Website

    Titan video by Chelsea

    Ashley Walker (Undergraduate, Chicago State University, 2018-2019)

    Prof. Xinting Yu (余馨婷) (Graduate Student, 2014-2019)

    PhD Earth and Planetary Sciences 2019
    Xinting is now an assistant professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
    Xinting's Website

  • Amy Wetsch (HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts Intern 2018)

    MFA Maryland Institute College of Art 2019
    Amy's Website

    Bryné Hadnott (Graduate Student, 2017-2019)

    MA in Earth and Planetary Sciences 2019

    Sydney Riemer (Undergraduate, 2015-2017)

    BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences 2018

    Mira Sobhy (Undergraduate, 2016-2017)

    BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences 2018

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